Thanos Salt Bae Tee

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Our pride and culture exceeds anyone elses. Aztecs Mayans we are the busines to any Thanos Salt Bae shirt. Only a Mexican can make something out of nothing lol!!! Were built that way and if your born and raised in the states and dont have family in Mexico or visit you are not Mexican. LoL if you speak spanish in a funny way where your Mexican latives look at you like wtf you are not Mexican your a pocho or Chicano Mexicans dont like you idiots. Americans in their own land !? Then Native Americans before all u guys invasion of their land have a lot to say about it! Mayans were south american you take credit for the mayans an the soldiers that are inlisted in military yet you think your better then them at the same time how does that work a parrot can speak spanish dont make it
Mexican….smh thats why were divided Mr Diaz thats a backwards mentality cant be upset we were here before it was American soil thats ignorant hate. Most of you idiots are muts anyway so what do you care you have no place to call home i do i go back several times a year. Mayans are North American Indegenous people! Take a geography class Hernandez Garcia. There are 20 tribes that are recognized on both sides of the border of the USA and Mexico so they travel in between as of now. I know native history rather well its embarrassing how ignorant americans are about his new funny shirt! Mexico owned much of the land that is America and it was sold through the Treaty of Hidalgo after it was taken from the spanish in Mexico’s independence which is not the 5th of may by the way. Mexico owned the USA before the USA bought it so rethink who was here first.

Thanos Salt Bae Shirt

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O know this michelle gomez thank you for teaching these idiots a thing or two i know my history alot of architecture astronomy and mathematical practices were taken from Aztec and mayan culture im proud of that. Cortez’s jaw droped when he saw the Aztec empire Montezuma faught to the death againts the spanish conquistadors, and they buried the Aztec empire by building churches and other buildings. They’re finding ruins all over Mexico city today. It’s an exuse to get drunk..get real..but as many people in the US today probably know the real meaning of “Cinco de Mayo” as “Cuatro de Julio”.  No have a cold one brother doesnt have to be pacifico or corona try Bohemia dark beer its muy bueno …or we can just do Belgian in either case  ? cheers to Happy Days Happy Cinco de Mayo.  Like St. Patrick’s Day, it is a holiday reserved for people who want an trending shirt to party. And it is mainly Americans. In Ireland, it is much more a Catholic holiday. If there is partying going on, it is the Americans visiting that is doing it. Same withCinco de Mayo. People got mad at me for wondering why Americans celebrate May 5. Wonder what they would think if people burned and stomped on there flag like they doin ours ! God bless america and our flag ol glory! Why celebrate another country’s holiday? We do not celebrate Bastille day or anything similar. St.Pat’s tems from a religious day so that does not apply. I think you can trace it back to the earliest days of ‘multi-cultural education’ and they assigned ‘holidays’ and celebrations to different groups – as if all of any culture could be identified by a single Thanos Salt Bae shirt. Eight thingsbyou fifny know yhr General of the Mexican army was born in Texas. Don’t really care anything about a foreign country’s holiday. Particularly one that takes advantage of our generosity.

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Thanos Salt Bae Tee
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