Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Sweater

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Titan got it’s chance. Earth should too.

YES HE IS RIGHT, GENERALLY SPEAKING HUMANS ARE AS THICK AS Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Shirt (deny it all you like, look through world headlines even in the past twenty years and you will find we are pretty dumb as a species)
Yes wipe half the planet out. Meh. His idea isn’t new. The antagonist of the book Inferno also had the same plan. In fact, his idea was backed by data from the WHO. I’m sure there are other other fictional villains with similar ideas. Keagan Simons, I absolutely loved how the movie placed a perspective over Thanos and to show his motives and what he was going through. Instead of just showing him as a bad guy who’s tough to beat. Really developed the story more. What do you thinks happening with the lack of emergency services, staff and funding? Might not be on such a scale as Thanos’s but still doing a job all the same. Our higher uppers already know this! 20,000 + people backing Thanos until they realise they’re going to be erased from existence. Then those 20,000 will turn and fight Thanos for their lives, like the Avengers. Thanos has a good point but, it’s still murder at the end of the day. If he had the power to magic away so many people, then he had the power to create the more resources to buy t shirt. I bet those people wouldn’t like to the the ones who were culled off. I sore the film to day. I actually believe in what he is doing strangely yes he will be a murder. But in the end millions of planets will do better. Shit I carnt believe I’m saying this. Thanos couldve easily killed those avengers in his planet with his soul stone during the time stone fight but he chose not to because he has sympathy for beings and would prefer them to disapper with no pain rather than make them suffer thats what i loved about him he has a strong moral code. So, in other words,
We can’t/won’t make any efforts on our own to conserve the resources on our planet and not to exploit it further, therefore we support the madman’s notion of removing people from the planet itself.

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Shows a lot about these ‘people’.  Well on the point that the earth is over populated, yes, we would be much better off if the population was half or even better a three quarters less people. But then comes the messy question of who stays and who goes. I vote for an IQ test anyone under 120 or 110,  ?. If we ever were to survive long enough to create FTL, or at least tech that would allow us to colonize and terraform other planets, then we might not ever have a need to reduce our population. If you face some difficulties in life, his quote “ In time, you will know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right. Yet to fail all the same. Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives. “ will make sense to you and his action as well. To me i love villans with good intentions like ultron or the decepticons in transformers they want to bring peace through dictatorship at the end of the day villains with true intentions are no better than the good guys they just go about it many not the right way lol. When people are taking multhusian economics seriosuly, when it hasnt even been relevent on earth for the last 300 years because you know resources and growth arnt a zero sum game. When i seen infinity war i liked Thanos hes trying to save Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Shirt. But what makes him evil is that he didnt give earth a choose. Cos he is right we would work our race into extinction, its just that we are doing the same to life on earth killing then off to make more room for ourselves. A movie meant to distract you from the powerful hoarding resources away from the powerless.

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Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Sweater
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