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We true Americans need to resist this at every cost and to help elect people who put America first not illegal foreigners and criminals first .  I lived i Granite City as a child. I remember when the Steele mill was producing big time. Then they used it to store Party Like Frank Fight Like Fiona Be A Genius Like Lip Shirt. Glad to hear it’s going to be back in business. MAGA. With all the usual discussion set aside….this is important for another reason. War. Albeit a relitively small piece of the pie…its still a part of it. If there is ever another WWar functional steel plants are obviously needed. Conservatives are a bunch of losers.

Party Like Frank Fight Like Fiona Be A Genius Like Lip Shirt
For instance, Conservatives wanted the colonies to stay in the British realm. Liberals won.
Conservatives wanted slavery to continue. Liberals won. Conservatives wanted no restrictions on Labor. Liberals won, which is why we have a 40 work week and get time and a half pay for overtime.

I could go on. But, I’ll give you a chance to come up with a time when Conservatives won.

That’s probably why “Liberals” are so hated by Conservatives. They win all the time.

Speaking of Conservativism, what’s Fiscally Conservative about cutting taxes when there is a deficit?

If you were a true Conservative, you’d return that overtime pay. After all, Conservatives didn’t offer it to you. A Liberal got it for you.

Hypocrite, much?

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American steel and aluminum is better. It’s worth more $. Everybody wants cheap these days. A trade war could be a high price to pay for 500 jobs.  I like Ted Nugent but he has economics backwards. Restoring these steel jobs will come at a huge cost! The aggregate cost to the U.S. ( rise in downstream costs that will increase prices in numerous products and cause inflationary pressure, damaging consumer purchasing power) is far higher than the benefit those steel jobs bring. Plus, retaliatory tariffs by other countries will put u.s. Export depended industries in peril. Technology destroys jobs (who’s calling for blockbuster jobs back) so why is this seen as a different case?  Thousands in the steel bussiness and all the companies that do contract work for them lost their jobs because of poor import deals.other countries dumped their steel on the market and american steel suffered.congressmen and senator’s promised tarrifs 2 years ago and did trump does it in less than a week.why could they not get it done years ago cause they didnt care.go trump.  Used to live there when the mill was running you could always tell what part of Granite City you lived in by the smell and seeing the flame from blast furnaces lighting up the night sky. I wish them success just hope the unions do not get greedy demanding their cut or this start up will not last long.

Shut The Fuck Up Shirt

Funny Tote Bag Shut The Fuck Up Shirt

My grandfather retired from here in the 80’s after decades of service. He risked everything to come to our great country after the war. He came here with nothing but my grandma and my mother, who was an infant at the time. This mill was one of his first and only jobs. My grandfathers story and pursuit of the American dream includes Granite City Steel. Thank you for sharing this article. Politicians have for the most part have never had a real job Or had to make sure there coworkers /employees are taken care of they in my opinion only worry about themselves I’m sure there are exceptions but not many. Most will fight trump till the end. Sad. We won WW 2 only because of our steel industry we pumped out war machine faster than the u boats could sink them. Now China has the upper hand, we gave them the technical ability to produce quality steel. They r litteraly dumping steel in our market just to make the US economy not so strong Obama’s cash for clunkers also added to it. Junk prices r at an long time low. I work in the steel commodity industry. This act is a great idea in “theory”, however it’s a terrible law and NOT great for America.

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Shut The Fuck Up Shirt
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