Scary Terry Celtics Sweater

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Cavs are going to get a lot of home-officiating today. The NBA doesn’t want the series over too soon, and they want Lebron in the Finals. There is going to be a HUGE disparity in fouls (3 to 1, maybe) that are called.

As much as I want Boston to win, I know the chances of that are SLIM.

As a bonus prediction, Lebron gets to the line 14 times. Eehhhh. Everyone said the same thing about game 2 about how “the NBA doesn’t want lebron to lose”.

You guys are just laying up the refs excuses for ground work. I mean I shouldn’t be too mad because it’s not like you don’t have to hear it about the NFL being rigged for the pats when they win. You’re just doing the same thing but in basketball.  Larry Palumbo but I mean the Pats didn’t win so how is it rigged? Wait… let me guess kid? Lol. Do people whine about this so much because you think that the NBA or the referees are going to see your stupid post no one cares!  I won’t be surprised, Similar to what happen in the 1st round against the pacers..that’s why they called it home court advantage..refs will certainly help the outcome of the ball game… Devante Bowers they dont have to when refs are secret wizards who can change the laws of physics to bend time and space with their little dinky whistles and crazy hand signals. Hold up, time for my meds! John Pierre I wasn’t the one who said it was rigged. It’s just people’s main excuses every time when their team loses: the refs.
Scary Terry Celtics Shirt
When the patriots beat the jags EVERYONE outside of New England said the NFL was rigged for pats, im never watching NFL again blah blah blah. Celtics fans already crying and making excuses for when LeBron beats them again in the playoffs. Chase Vandermeer if that does happen, I can already see you making excuses about KD when the Warriors sweep the Cavs! Refs suck tonight lots of fouls not being called but it’s the NBA as much as I love basketball it’s a business and more money to be made with LaFraud and Co. then the Celtics. Ken Savage lmao so the Celtics playing with no energy (besides Tatum) to start the game has nothing to do with getting blown off the court???? More aggressive team usually gets the calls and even then the cavs shot 2 more free throws, that’s it lmao take the L and move on.  If boston locks down clevelands shooters theceltics will win again. Korver, JR, Green, Hood, Clarkson, need to get going but the celtics won’t give them an inch of room especially in cleveland. Cavs would have to set screens constantly to get shots up.

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Scary Terry Celtics Sweater
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