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Calling out all Tar Heel fans be there be loud be proud! There is more than one great sport at UNC support them all! Go heels….just do you own damn work and take normal classes we can’t afford another scandal right now IJS. Geez I cant remember the last time we got ranked and then won the next game…somethin tells me that streak’s comin to an end Aug. 30 baby!! GO HEELS!!!!! Way to go Heels I seen some great heart n this win n yes can u believe it great free throw shooting… Tokeno missed to easy dunks bt overall great win today fellas lets keep the momentum goin… Way to go HEELS! Gotta keep this winning going so I can see you guys in the ACC tournament!  Like to see more of the lineup with Paige, McDonald, McAdoo, Johnson and Meeks looked good!! Go Tarheels!!! Good win ,certainly not a great performence but I thought we battled tough,i think we have to get use to the fact this is not an elite unc team but lets hope this team can build and get better,i really feel we are another 1 or 2 years away to getting back to national title strength. They need to play as a TEAM and not count on one person.They found out what happens when you count on one when they lost Hairston. Hope that former UNC athletes have someone to read the results to them in the paper tomorrow. I am sure they will be interested in learning about the results. Good Win Tar Heels I Been A Heel Fan Since 97 Real Tar Heel Fan Here Now All These So Called Bandwagon Tar Heels Fans Back On Board SMH At Them Bandwagons We Dont Need Yall !!! #TarHeel4Life Keep Winning !!! Improvement from the last game! Go heels! Paige played much better this game! Donavon wins Most Annoying Troll On Thread Award and we get an ACC win! What a great day!

Weight Lifting Gym Unicorn Shirt

We still suck!! BC isn’t any good. A typical Carolinateam would hv blown them out by 20 or more.

Well we are in the win column in the ACC BC shot tremendously from three to keep them in it this really shows how far we’ve slipped as a program I mean no disrespect to BC but they aren’t a very good team so to stuggle this much we might not have many wins left on the schedule maybe VA TECH OR CLEMSON but not many GO HEELS.

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Review Weight Lifting Gym Unicorn T Shirt
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