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Focus on the good and let them figure the rest out as a family.  Congrats Khloe it is true that blessing you recieved will truly change your life…..i have loved watching I Am A Marvelaholic Shirt as a big sister to Rob Kendall and Kylie and a handson wonderful aunt to all your nieces and nephews can’t wait to see your new role as mommy  <3 xoxo prayers for you of peace and strength…..only take in the positive comments not the negative….you got this baby girl.  Congratulations on you bundle of joy. What a beautiful name and I pray you and Tristan and True have a very blessed joyful life. Be “true” to your self and ignore the haters. They are everywhere. So happy for you don’t let anyone or anything steal your joy at this amazing time. Again Congratulations!!!!!! Honestly I like the name! I feel it has a beautiful meaning behind it. I knew someone and their name was Tru. (No E). And honestly that’s a normal nickname for the name Trudy so what’s the difference of hearing it for a nickname and it actually being her first name.  Gosh that would suck!! Just about ready to drop while videos/pics and a few second of a sextape w your man & some other chick then seeing yourself getting owned on the internet with the whole ‘that’s karma’ things then having your baby & having her at his house with all the negative energy and uncertainty in the air. I’m sure khloe just wants to get back to her own home . Yes it’s TRUE Tristan was cheating on you he is no SAINT, don’t just pretend this was all a DREAM. If you can’t REIGN that boy in then he will be up NORTH, down CHICAGO cheating. Hope the relationship isn’t to STORMI tho because we do wish you the best.  Congrats! I’m sure she’s beautiful! Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone. Don’t stress over the future, it hasn’t arrived.

I Am A Marvelaholic ShirtLive in the present and make it beautiful. God always finds a way! Enjoy mommyhood and your special bond with trending shirt. For those of us that struggled to become parents, everything else outside of the bond you have with your child is irrelevant. What an incredibly special time for you. Enjoy!!! You kind of walked into that one, Khloe considering that’s what’s lacking in your relationship and now there’s an innocent child that has been brought into the mess.  🙁 But, actually I think it’s a pretty name. Let’s hope Tristan can start practicing it. Dear Khloe. Celebrities make the news for many reasons. I am here to congratulate you on your daughter’s birth. From all accounts that we see on the news, i can highly recommend that you return home to your loving family with your darling daughter and move on with a beautiful and blessed life for your daughter and yourself. Take care of yourself and believe that life will smooth itself for you very soon.  The Kardashians have more Rands then of all the beautiful names u can name a girl…they come up with I Am A Marvelaholic Shirts lije Chicago…Stormy..North..True…I just cant deal…these poor little kids…WTF..Ithink Kourtney is the only sensible one in this family who is actually keeping it real…with beautiful real names for her kids…TRUE…hey….lol…I just cant deal…  I get it. The baby is the one True thing in her relationship. I like the name. It’s unique. But from watching the videos of what Triston has done with those other women is sad. That is one thing I could not do, is forgive being cheated on. It shows there is no true love, or real trust in your relationship. Sorry but it would be a deal breaker, because you could never really trust that person ever again. It would always be there. I do wish you the best Khloe, you and your brand new baby girl. You’ve waited so long to be a Mommy.

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Review I Am A Marvelaholic Sweater
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