Review Fortnite Scar Tank Top

Besides, there’s a global list right. Last time I checked, I didn’t see any of these popular streamers at the top. A screenshot would be nice, but we all play fortnite, just log on and see. I think they aren’t allowed to place on normal leaderboards. I could be wrong though. Ya ninja was like number 40 and stats don’t mean anything Alex is number one on PS4 but ninja is just a better player. Hey its wins and shit bro thats leaderboards anyone can stack wins by hidding but myth,ninja, tfue and many others play an intense aggresive game in some cases are funny to watch. Abel Tavui myth does not play aggressively. 1by1 most of the game. The kid can out build me any day of the week and shoot. But he plays hella passive man. Desmond Wong Zhenjie that’s completely different. Faker has time and time again proved that he is one of the GOATs of LoL and has the titles to prove it. Are people dumb? (Yes) I am saying that is why people think ninja is the best. What is so hard to understand? Do you read a part of what was said, then proceed to shove a foot in your mouth? My God people. Imo ninja is the best player that I’ve seen play, there could be someone out there that is better, but I’m yet to find them. I watch him stream quite often and he wins most games, and out playes most people. Any suggestions on who is better?Fortnite Scar Shirt I would like to watch them play. Even though SypherPK is my favorite streamer, Ninja and Tfue are on another level from every other streamer/pro. Harry Pratt How does your comment make any sense? What does a profile picture have to do with education? If you arent going to contribute any opinions, gtfo. OMG… What about the other people he’s played with or against? Look at myth, the faze crew, and even marshmello. They all have clutch plays and play as intensely as him. The only reason you guys love ninja is because he’s the first one to play fortnite and stream it from day one. These other guys came out after and they haven’t been given the same opportunity as ninja. That’s the problem with the YouTube community. Once someone does it, noone else really has the chance to shine. So just, look into other fortnite players because I am sure there are foreign players who are way better as well. Lol ninjas a one trick pony and will only ever be doing battle Royale games.  Ninja and IAmWildcat should have been put together. They work better as a team and as much as y’all wanna complain. They’ve both shown us them losing plenty of times. I love markiplier.. but he doesnt even play it.

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Review Fortnite Scar Tank Top
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