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Ford won 8 of the first 12 Great Races at Bathurst (compared to Holden’s 3) – it took Holden a further 10 years to get ahead of Ford.  I know right, typical of a Ford fan to bring up Holden in a post that really had nothing to do with them. Celebrating the success of Falcon…nek minute enter Ford Nike Atlanta Falcons Family Tank Top.  Ben Freshney and have since stayed there. The part I found funny was John’s comment on Bathurst and Ford’s go hand in hand, granted they won the first 3 indicating clearly they stamped their authority before Holden. Pretty hard for another manufacturer to also stamp authority at the same time I would have thought. 10 years to get in front of Ford, but Holden have stayed there ever since. Which brand has the most consecutive wins by the way? Holden doing their own stamping. Joshua Morris nah not technical, talking about holden what have they won apart from supercars plus gm own those companies it’s like saying when ford owned Volvo Aston Martin etc they were ford’s. last race at bathurst for the falcon was years ago technically. there is not enough of the original car left in a v8 supercar to call it a falcon realistically.


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The sound of the Alan Moffat Cenovis Falcon had to be heard to be believed, next in line the “Greens Tuff” XE, but apart from those two, give me a Holden any day. Moffat and Lowndes have been the standouts when it came to Falcons at Bathurst. Johnson will always be remembered for his disasters, the famous rock and him binning the Greens TuffFalcon at Forrest Elbow.  The last bathurst for falcon will be over shadowed by lowndes last full time 1000.They are just going to have a car show out in some paddock to honor the falcons. Think supercars could be Much more greatful then that. Wouldn’t hurt to get more creative. At the end of the day its great viewing to watch the superior Holdens which have way way more race wins than poor oldfalcons no falcon whinging thanks. You have a beautiful new stadium and a very competitive Nike Atlanta Falcons Family Tank Top side. Do you NEED Will Ferrell? The guy has devolved into an unfunny version of his former self. When I read your last sentence, I thought it said the guy has devolved into an unfunny version of his former elf lol. I laughed a little and then I realized it said self and laughed at myself lol.

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Are you looking for: Nike Atlanta Falcons Family Tank Top?
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