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There aren’t a bunch of 70,80, and 90 year olds taking to social media to grieve Burt’s death because social media isn’t a big part of their Mac Miller Keep Yours Memories Alive Tee I mean are you serious right now?? I know Burt’s name, but didn’t know who he was, so I’m not gonna go on social media and post a tribute because his death honestly did not really move me in any way at all. Now, Mac Miller’s death is another story. This is the only death of a celebrity that made me cry and I tried my best to hold it back and I just couldn’t. I started listening to him my freshman year of high school and after being exposed to him more over the years, I grew to love him. He was just like any of us, and was very humble and never saw himself as better than anyone else, as a human being, but he pursued his love of music from a very young age and that ambition, knowledge, and talent set him apart from most people, today.


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I felt like I got to know Mac Miller really well over the years through his music and each time he dropped a project, it related to the current time in my life, so it felt like, in a way, that we were going through life together. I never even met Mac, but it’s crazy to see the impact that he’s had on people’s lives through his music and just the way he carried himself as a person, but anyone that doesn’t know him or didn’t start following him from early just label him a drug addict. He was so much more than that. Rip Mac  💔 Rip Burt . He was still a person, someone’s friend, a son, a brother. Yes he was on drugs and he never pretended like he wasn’t or that he was better than anyone. Saying oh that’s what he gets, he wasn’t stupid and he knew this could or would happen but that in no way means that his death is not something to be sad about. He was a great person who happened to do drugs. It didn’t make him any less of a good person. May his family find peace and him as well. Mamadou Drame And one day when you’re dead in the Mac Miller Keep Yours Memories Alive Tee someone somewhere is probably going to say the same exact thing about you.


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Are you looking for: Mac Miller Keep Yours Memories Alive Long Sleeve Tee?
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