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Jennifer, you say Its because of people like me, but I advocate against it. You just sympathize. That does nothing except leave the Mac Miller Keep Yours Memories Alive Sweater how they are. People like mac DIDNT glorify it. He hated it, resented it, spoke about how much of an issue it was, talked about how he’d rather be “some corny white rapper than the drugged out mess who can’t leave his house.” he DID advocate against it, you literally just have no knowledge of who he was and paid no attention to the messages he preached. nobody knows what it’s like to be a rapper and be that high in society so just stop criticizing. Holly Taylor if you preach then be about it don’t say you shouldnt and do it behind their backs. This makes him look even worse. Michael Le i understand that, but sometimes it’s too late. you get yourself in a hole you had no idea how fast it would rapidly progress until it just hits you one day. and some either find light and some let it consume their lives. he preached the detrimental effects of it, he had times of sobriety as well, but some people just literally are not made to overcome it. he was one of those people, so i kind of disagree because he was making an example out of himself when he spoke on it. All mac did was talk about how he struggled with it and how he was looking for help but couldn’t find answers…. why are you speaking on his death if you didnt even care to know shit about his life? That park was a freakin mad house. Driving through there was impossible.


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They also repainted the long worn away blue slide in his memory.

Such a short life lived. But he was so loved in our community

(I watched the video after I commented this, I now realize they mentioned that they repainted the slide . Personally don’t think they should rename the park. O get the idea bit I don’t like it. Mac Miller didn’t make blue slide park, BSP made Mac. RIP but why cant people give this kind of care to other things. Ill let you figure what things that are obvious


Btdubs also just learnt this was the guy with snoop dog in sm5? I think. Idk never really heard of him besides that Mac Miller Keep Yours Memories Alive Sweater. I hope no one reads my comment but RIP Mac Miller  🙏🏼 and all but naming a kids park after an artist who overdosed on drugs? What do you think .

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Are you looking for: Mac Miller Keep Yours Memories Alive Guys V Neck Shirt?
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