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You can see on the show that he grew up in ways because of her. The little Camping Bear I Eat People Tee about her that he would describe definitely came from someone who genuinely felt love. I was actually happy for Jordan & was rooting for him because it was clear he would do anything for her.  I’m super bummed for Jordan. I hated him initially but he grew on me a little…. I don’t like to see anyone betrayed like that. I saw it in her face the last show…she was looking down all the time and wouldn’t make a lot of eye contact with him. Avoiding his emotions. Too bad. I’m not buying Jordan being sad for one minute. He was in on the sham of a relationship from the beginning. I have thought that he seems gay (not that there’s anything wrong with it) since Becca’s season. He & Becca never had any kind of chemistry . He has always seemed like he wanted to take all the attention, control the situation and promote his modeling career.

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I’m sure they agreed that if they work together, the longer they stay in Paradise, the longer they are on television, therefore more exposure, more interviews, etc. when they are done. Look, we (cont.). Not shocked. I thought she was reluctant all along and was surprised when she agreed to an engagement. That whole thing is so scripted. Just watching the cast of DWTS being introduced. Poor Joe, he is so ill at east. are still talking about them! They didn’t even really kiss! It was always awkward. If you watched them in the clip last night at the after show they came towards each other, but didn’t really kiss. I even rewound to see. All fake. Now that she got busted, he’s going to act like the victim and throw her under the bus alone. They were both trying to promote their “brand”. That’s all Jade and Carly, and several past contestants do. They live off promoting products with their new found “fame”.Susie Tobey Petersen i thought they were a bit awkward too but didnt think much of it until now. Lol. Wow i think you pegged them for sure. I feel so gullible. I was not a fan of Jordan’s in bachelorette but he was fun on paradise. Jenna obviously just a user really really poor Camping Bear I Eat People Tee. I actually feel sorry for the guy.


Are you looking for: Camping Bear I Eat People Tee?
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