Are you looking for: Black White Asian Latino American Tank Top?

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Flip side of that coin. Fuuuuun. I love when people ask “North or South Korea”. Like, if they’re ignorant to even ask which one, they don’t deserve a answer. Why is it ignorant asking the Black White Asian Latino American Tank Top from which of the Korea’s someone’s from? Sure enough people will assume that everyone comes from the ROK (south) but yet there’s a large number of humans in the DPRK (north) who are equal to us, just unfairly isolated. My boyfriend is Korean and he and his sister were adopted and people were always shocked because his name is Andrew and he doesn’t have an accent. I was telling one of my friends about him and my manager got real bitchy and said “how can his parents be polish if he’s Korean?” Apparently she missed the adopted as a baby part.  Im half korean and white. I have no memories of seoul, south korea. Mother hardly talked in korean to my brothers and i before she past. And my dad well he the white side so yeah. I live in korea for my first 2 years of my life and never went back. And yet people i meet always ask north or south. I tell them why does that matter? Then they give me the “its just a joke” bullshit. Sometimes when people ask me what nationality am i, i replied back with “rice cracker”.


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I get asked “from north or south korea?” all the time. Next time someone asks this, I’m gonna say “from the north. I escaped the camps about 15 years ago.” Lol! You look nothing a like. Also Japanese is an incredibly vowal and “poetic” Language. I don’t understand how people can mispronounce it. As someone with a Japanese first name, I don’t understand either. 😅 Like, my name is hella simple (He-Sah-Koh) but people somehow manage to mess it up a million different ways. When I say it’s phonetic they don’t get that either. Even when I say it for them every time. 😭 “(HE-Suh-KOH?” “No.” “HIGH-Suh-Koh?” “Definitely not.”). Japanese is one of the simplist languages to pronounce but hardest for native English speakers to learn. For some reason white Americans are just too ignorant. Lol yeah. When they calm down and actually listen to what I’m saying they can usually say it right! But people who are convinced they know my name better than me, I just gotta walk away from. I think the amount of weaboos in the US contributes to the Black White Asian Latino American Tank Top lol.  

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Are you looking for: Black White Asian Latino American Tank Top?
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