House Deadpool We Are Touching Our Selves Every Night Sweater

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So not only do the erroneously think they can do the same at home, but they also think that’s all it takes for a restaurant to make burgers, devaluing what the professionals do for a living. Moreover he perpetuates a bad standard and terrible skills. Slamming his ingredients and his tools around like that he’s begging for that blade to go flying off and hit someone in the eye, or at the very least leave a knick in the blade that leads to him ruining a perfectly good steak. At best this is a “how not to” video. He did mix the salt with the meat. There was a cut in the video so we can’t tell whether he put the patty into the fridge. Maybe he did it correctly?

I don’t anyone would seriously learn his knife tricks or maybe try once for shits and giggles or maybe it’s just me… Has this douche bag still not discovered herbs and spices? If I made a burger like that at home I’d find my bags at the door the next day. The amount of salt in the comments on these videos are always so hilarious. People just can’t relax and have fun with their miserable lives to kick back for 2 seconds and stop thinking seriously about what him and so many other people are doing for “entertainment” on a daily basis.
If you don’t like it piss off and go watch something else. Enough sadness and bullshit in the world without seeing how triggered you are about how a guy is using his knives in EVERY single comment. I am confused I seen this man on here a couple time . is he suppose a cook or is he suppose to be romancing someone or is he suppose to be romancing the food . because to me he is a idiot and messing with food it not romance and the damned meat don’t care it done past the point of caring. He has couple famous restaurants. Dubai, New York and Istanbul . He is really good cook too . He is doing this just to fuck with people lmao !! Stephanie Adriana Samantha rumor has it that the salthe sprinkles off his arm are all the negative salty comments morons leave on his videos.

What thing is doing ??
No respect to rules kitchen no gloves no uniform ..
Nothing .playing with knife like
Puppet ‘it is a chef or a fuking foll .I ask my self many time the customer know what he eating
Only salty skill.House Deadpool We Are Touching Our Selves Every Night Shirt

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from: Photoxtee.

More annoyed at the fact he’s using a blue raw/fish knife to use on raw/meat with a red chopping board. . . . Never mind the salt, cross contamination I’d be more worried about.  ?

Where is his apron? Hair net?  If I never saw this helmet again it would be too soon. Any dickhead can slice a bit of shitty meat and chuck it in a mincer, add salt and make a pile of shit. No respect for his tools, the trade or the end product. Motherfucker ruined that meat, he uses fresh meat but still cooks the fucking burger well done? that is a fucking abomination, if you use fresh cut self ground beef cook it right. Medium Rare. What an annoying twat!!! I liked this page because I like cooking from scratch and seeing ideas to try not to see some fuckwit doing the same thing over an over cutting a piece of meat like it’s a fucking piece of art then throwing it around the room after doing that annoying salt thing that goes down his arm the knob if i keep seeing this prick I’m un-liking and finding a different page for ideas! Am I the only one that thinks a 2 inch steak from that ribeye would have been a far better choice than turning it into a “picnic puck”..??  thats only beef mince
and its not deffecult yet
but I hope that man can show off something must proffesinal or new things as likr Creator The something is not making burgers.

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House Deadpool We Are Touching Our Selves Every Night Sweater
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