Fortnite Just Play It Long Sleeve T Shirt

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Do the same and let Epic do the work. Holden Mahorney, isn’t that what happens whenever anyone dies.  I ain’t like the rest of these fan boys. I have a lot of wins in every mode. The thing that bothers me most is my bullets not going where my crosshairs are pointing due to the ugly bloom on here. I’m getting to the point where I would rather play COD or D2 or any other shooter for that matter. Just a player tired of the randomness of shot detection. Ok Epic I get on tonight click on save the world to see if it free I get the cut scene I’m all excited so I play the tutorial it’s all fine until I play the second level ohhh boy I’m in the middle of the match the game froze crashing so when I go back to it is telling me I can go back into my match I go back and finish it then it ends then it says login failure then it takes me back to the home screen and then when I try to go back to it I have to pay for it????!! I was so excited to play it today and then that happened!!!??? How about South African or even African servers? Getting shot THROUGH a ramp, point blank headshots that don’t register, getting killed even though you shot first does not equal a fun game. Invest a little in our market too.

Fortnite Just Play It T Shirt

This game is becoming watered down. Have to cater to the people that aren’t that good. To me that makes this game meh. Might as well go back to destiny until you minimize the bloom on here. Getting pretty ridiculous. Having to trigger tap just to shoot lmao. ust like the Boogie Down competition, they should start a Skins competition. Best skin designs are put into the game. Just imagine the creativity! I’d definitely watch, and buy one!  Another day of fortnite same old issues. Switched from a boogie bomb to slurp juice and had the slurp in my hand, pressed the button annnd switched back to boogie and got rushed because of it. That was my first match of the day of course. Followed by a secone match with more malfunctions. These devs really need to be fired and replaced with people who actually finished their degrees. I’m liking where everything is going so far, but please bring this skin back so I can buy it. Heck tell me what I need to do I like using this character on the PVE side just let me use her in the PVP.  I thought you guys are gonna make another gamemode for this  ? it’s enough to copy the details (atleast) of one of the character in Overwatch  🙂

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Fortnite Just Play It Long Sleeve T Shirt
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