Top shirt on on 2019/05/16

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Julie Dennison, I just want to say thank you for being the Captain America born in the USA shirt to give women a choice over their bodies Thank you for being so understanding about other circumstances. It’s refreshing to see a person that actually gets it, Darrell Filyaw, what a horrible thing to say. I don’t know if you are married but if you are and your wife became pregnant and her life was in danger and you had to choose would you let your wife die.

Captain America born in the USA shirt

GOT That’s what I do I teach small people to know things shirt

I Am A Nurse Unless Avengers Need Me shirt

I Am A Teacher Unless Avengers Need Me Shirt

Owl blue white red American flag shirt

Sign Language I love You 3000 shirt

I’m a simple Woman I love Millennium Falcon, Avenger and house stark shirt

Butterfly Nana shirt

Deux freres Shirt

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Hailsatan Believe In Yourself shirt

Top shirt on on 2019/05/16
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