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Joker 2019 Shirt

So many open and unanswered questions. So many gaps. Like what happened to Gardeners own father? His on-off Unstoppable T Rex shirt and baby momma? If he was so devoted to his mother why did he choose homelessness rather than reaching out to his family for any help? Fast forward to second half, the part when he meets the Ferrari guy and after, was amazing and intriguing. And that’s when, actually first half of the book makes sense. Chris ensures that you realize the importance of his childhood which was the source of his strength over getting through hard times. I did not get to finish the pursuit of happyness because the book was quite long and very heavy for someone my age. I think that the style of writing quite mature and very heavy. There were about 15-30 pages per chapter and that made it harder to read because there was so much detail in the one chapter and it made it quite boring. There were many paragraphs per page and the writing was quite small. It seemed like a interesting story but it was hard to read it and enjoy because it was way to mature for me. I would come back to this book when i am an adult and i recommend this book only for adults.

Top shirt on President2020shirts on 2019/4/17
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