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why would they develop her into the villain? then whats the point if we are absolutely sure she will be? seriously? that’s not game of thrones dude. and honestly, i think people are pissu because they dont like to see women being as hard and ruthles as she. u want more episodes to soften the transition but this aint it. she has ALWAYS had these personality traits yall were NOT paying attention. Christenne Lyons Oh I love it when people try to cry sexism for no good reason.

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Guess, Grace Randolph said treating Daenerys and Cercei as rulers that snap emotionally is sexist., so you have boyh sides playing the sexism card. Guess what,Jahn’s compared her descent into villainy to make character Anakin’s in ROTS, because he said both were unconvincing. When I think about, Anakin going from a conflicted and flawed good person to being willing to kill Jedi kids within 24 hours made absolutely no sense.

Top shirt on gearbubble 2019/05/16
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