Top shirt on flickr 2019/05/15

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Robert Perez your soo lucky no one my age even really listens to then im but I’m in love with them they are my favorite and I literally cry all the tine cuz I will never get to see a concert and I will never even be in the would at the same time as him and I don’t just love him I love all of them roger, John, and Brian but I will never get to meet them like I think I cry about it everyday almost idk why I just love there music and them and there personalities and just everything anyway this is way longer then I wanted it to be so I’m gonna stop now. The very first Queen show ever?

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That would’ve been in 1970. Or do you mean the first time he did Ay-oh? Robert Perez Robert, I’ve seen queen 5 times with Freddy it don’t get better than that. I’m glad you had the chance to see him live.Thank you. Thank you for making this video. What an honor and silly tribute to Freddie Mercury. I think he’d be delighted.

Top shirt on flickr 2019/05/15
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