Top shirt on gearbubble 15/04/2019

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Yes they do, it’s funny to see their heads moving from behind the Foliage and then out pops a fabulous flamingo. The only flamingo I ever saw was the plastic ones people put on their lawns. I didn’t know they where that big they are beautiful. No they are preening because they are molting right now. Preening also helps to spread oil over their feathers to keep them water proof. yes I made a special visit to the flamingo just to see the resident flamingos! It was awesome. We are looking at the logistics of adding a flamingo mingle. We do hope to add this for small groups of six once a day. No they are preening it’s a process to maintain their feathers. It spread oil from oil glands over their feathers to help keep them water proof.

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We are adding more and more flamingo stuff all the time to our website. Aww I love flamingo’s, I met the most beautiful old pink flamingo in the Adelaide zoo a few years ago, he was then aged 80! He was one of the original birds brought to the zoo and he survived bush fires and extreme heat and other awful things, he was quite faded lol just because he was old they said, he got enough of the fish or whatever it is that makes them pink though. He was gorgeous! He kind of honked at you and literally loved the attention! He’d come and stand near you quite close and stare at you side ways and pose so he could have his pic taken he really was something else.

Top shirt on gearbubble 15/04/2019
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