Are you looking of Not Today Heifer Tee?

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  • vào ngày 14 Th8 2018
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Oh my god this is pathetic. I have seen more male passengers holding on for dear life when their is a female driver. And has no one ever seen school pick up. The amount of times i have been nearly run off the road by a suv (that has never seen dirt) is staggering. Risky driving doesn’t have a gender! Firstly define what risky is and why are men more prone to it? Plenty of lunatic women drivers out there that shouldn’t have a license. I think the onus is actually unfairly put on the Not Today Heifer Tee…my husband’s insurance is almost double mine despite having no prior driving offenses or claims. We are to easily called the victim. It’s a catch 22, if we speak up we called victim’s, snowflake, stupid etc etc etc. If we don’t we are called week and pathetic. So we can’t win. If your an idiot ur an idiot, if your not your not.  If my husband drives even a bit not to my liking I say something!! It is the only time we actually argue is in the car.. 

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I am teaching my girls to speak up!! And I’d expect the same if it was me or when my girls can drive hopefully the boys would speak up too. Both male and female drivers have idiots who think they can drive but have no idea what they are doing. Women with kids in the car can be the worst drivers. I have almost ran over female drivers doing the wrong thing in front of the truck I was driving. Never mind about females calling out risky male drivers. I challenge the RTA to release the statistics on fatal four wheel drive accidents for the past 20 years..and don’t try to fudge the figures!  Uhhhh…. TODAY show, terrible driving isn’t gender based. I know plenty of female drivers who are shocking. Any story to stir up victimisation, feminism, oppression, rights, etc. Those are the story that get them the most attention.

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& your show wonders why you’re losing the ratings war to a Not Today Heifer Tee show as stupid & pathetic as Sunrise. What a load of rubbish this article is, you people should be ASHAMED!!! Owe and live to here your comments about the woman who was recently found after she was photographed smoking a crack pipe??? Bet you won’t go after her in the same way you have gone after men here!

Are you looking of Not Today Heifer Tee?
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