Dad I Love You 3000 Shirt

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Without a second of thought, Tony proudly takes the rocket flying through the gate towards the Chitauri’s base and successfully destroys them. And admittedly, no matter how poisonous and toxic it is, no matter how selfish it is, Tony Stark – our player, genius, billionaire, philanthropist is willing to sacrifice himself for those around me. . Taking off the armor plate, Tony’s mind was always ravaged by the obsession of death, the world around him was still terrorists, ready to shoot millions of innocent souls. He had no great ideals like becoming the image of the great America like Captain America or protecting Asgard – the eternal kingdom was like Thor. The thing that Iron Man is most anxious and obsessed with is people who cannot live in peace. With the mind of a superhero, Tony didn’t care what people said about him. Who said, Tony has no heart, this is evidence that Tony has a heart.

Dad I Love You 3000 Shirt

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In the recent days, the “I love you 3000”, <3 3000 (heart of 3000) movement is booming on facebook. So what is I love you 3000? we will learn through this article. If you have seen the blockbuster movie: Avengers: Endgame “then surely you remember the little daughter of genius Tony Stark, little girl Morgan Stark.

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Her role – Morgan Stark is an iconic highlight of the film. She was like the guardian angel of Tony Stark when he was exhausted both mentally and physically. She is a part of life, very ordinary, very simple and very important. In Avengers – Endgame audience also saw an affectionate, spoiled father. The segment melted the hearts of many readers when the daughter Morgan Stark said, “I love you 3000”. It can be said that this is an emotional segment, taking away the audience’s tears. Because this simple dialogue contains the innocent soul, but full of sincere children. After the movie, there was a trend of “I love you 3000” in the online community, even if it was quickly printed with this sentence for sale. So what do you mean by “I love you 3000”?

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Dad I Love You 3000 Shirt
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