25 Years of Friends signature shirt

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In addition to the UK, the United States also sold the rights to this television series to 185 other countries worldwide. An extremely deep cultural dissemination, no bloodshed and a lot of laughter instead of ethnic conflicts.
The survey of 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair has resulted in Friends being the third most popular television sitcom in history. Readers of TV Guide reviews Friends are the best TV drama cast in history.
A Time critic once deciphered the series: “The name of the movie is Friends, but actually about the family.” That is probably the right key for the audience to “open up” Friends, understand more about the idea. The meaning of the film and why it goes into the hearts of people so much.Unlike many other TV series, both sitcom and outdoor scenes, which revolve around only one central character, Friends are more collective when 6 characters are all portrayed. Although Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe or Matthew Perry as Chandler occasionally dominates other characters with impressive lines, the whole series is successful thanks to the collective effort.
That spirit was also shown outside the screen, when Aniston and Schwimmer voluntarily reduced each person’s sand and sand level so that all 6 actors had equal sand.
25 Years of Friends signature shirt
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